Gaudeamus VŠE

Gaudeamus is a remarkable folk group from the Czech Republic. Since its foundation in 1949 at the University of Economics, more than 1000 members have been involved in its activities. During the early days of the band it encompassed a wide spectrum of musical and artistic styles such as classical, mixed choirs, dance groups, cabaret and beat music. Nowadays, the group consists of about 40 amateur musicians, singers and dancers focusing on folk music. All of the members are students and graduates of different Prague universities.

Gaudeamus presents folk traditions from the Bohemian region in both traditional and stylised ways. It aims to entertain a wide audience in the ways of its art by combining the past and present with humour, warmth and friendliness. This is possible thanks to extensive co-operation with renowned choreographers, composers and other artists.

Upcoming events

Today is Thursday, 8. 6. 2023

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